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Learn to Skydive

Learn To Skydive

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We provide Full AFF and A Licence courses

Complete one of our AFF (Accelerated Free Fall) packages and be on your way to achieving your certificate class A, also known as the skydiving A licence.

Your skydiving licence is issued by the Austalian Parachute Federation and is internationally recognised.

Yes, skydiving can be dangerous, expensive, scary and intimidating.

However, we will provide you with the knowledge and guidance you need in the air and on the ground to build your skills and confidence to make the best decisions. We are also here to assist you in making the right decisions on equipment to make it safer and affordable.

The best part- you will be introduced to a diverse and unique community that can’t wait to welcome you.



Part - 1

Ground Training

A full day of theory on the ground where you will learn all you need to know for your first jump.

Part - 2


From Tuesday onward you can expect to do roughly 3 jumps per day



$ 598 For Stage 1
  • Stage 1 - $598
  • Stage 2 & 3 - $330ea
  • Stage 4 through 8 - $250ea
  • Stage 9 - $100
  • A licence exam - $110


$ 3,198 For all 1-9 Stages + More
  • INCLUDES - All Stages and Exam Plus
  • 6 Additional skydives (15 jumps in total)
  • Video's of all your jumps to review
  • 7 x Nights camping onsite included
  • Onsite accomodation available - extra cost


5 Day Coached Camp

Finished your AFF? Start your B-Rels and learn to fly with others.

B Licence Progression

B-Rel camp
$ 1760 5 Days
  • 8 coached jumps with gear hire
  • 5 nights camping onsite
  • Video and debrief of all jumps
  • AFF stages must be complete
  • Accommodation upgrades available (can not be split up)
3 easy steps

How It Works

1. How To Skydive Out Of A Plane

Skydiving is totally reliant on understanding the theory of it first, before you start putting it into practice in the air.So most Mondays, small groups of students gather to begin their journey. Ground training day. Laying the foundation of knowledge that you’ll need to start jumping. This is essential. There is no skipping. There are no hall passes.

2. How To Stay Stable in Free Fall

So you made it through ground training and are in the jump plane. You’re feeling good about the briefing you had for your first jump. Then the door opens. This is real, this isn’t a training exercise.But, two instructors jump with you for first few stages. They’re also there to help you learn how to fly your body, so you build technique and confidence with each jump.

3. How To Land

Even if you wanted to, you couldn’t stay in free fall forever.So, your instructors will tell you when it’s time to deploy your canopy and one of the crew will be in your ear, guiding you down to the landing area. Listen to them – they know what they’re doing.

Things To Know

Accelerated Free-Fall (‘AFF’) is the first 9 jumps/stages of the ‘A’ Licence course and teaches you the essential things you need to know to solo skydive.

An Australian ‘A’ Licence generally allows you to jump solo anywhere in the world. The ‘A’ Licence Course is 15 jumps, usually over 7 days.

The ‘B’ Licence allows you to jump with up to ten people and is attainable after 50 jumps. The B-Rels are the first 8 stages of your ‘B’ Licence. You can complete these as a 5-day B-Rel camp or at your own pace.

For your safety and comfort, we have a maximum weight limit of 110kg for men and 90kg for women.

We hold courses most weeks of the year and they always start on Mondays. Every week. No exception. So you’ll need to arrive on Sunday or early Monday morning for an early start. 

We recommend not breaking up your skydive course as the learning and jumping are quite intense, you will lose theory and technique if you leave your course early. It is best to complete your AFF course within the same week.

You can come back to finish off your ‘A’ Licence. Many also start their B-Rels that same week, depending on how quickly they progress through their AFF (it is not necessary to complete your ‘A’ Licence before beginning your B-Rels).

Weather is one of the biggest factors in skydiving. We’re pretty lucky in Moruya, but sometimes there will be a day or two where we can’t jump.

In this case, we allow extra time so students can complete their course. Don’t worry, we have seminars, extra training, pubs and heaps of other stuff to do on weather days.

You may be totally pumped, running on adrenaline, wanting to do 10 jumps a day – but you’ll soon find out learning to skydive can be as mentally draining as it is physical.

So on average, students will jump about 3 skydives in a day. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Everyone is different, so we allow extra time to recharge and reset.

A lot of people get frustrated when they have to repeat a stage – but it’s just a part of learning to skydive and it’s really common.

Sometimes there are things you haven’t quite perfected, but it’s important that you do, in order to keep jumping safely.

A repeat stage is $330 for stages 1-3 and $230 for 4-9. That includes your skydive and your instructors – or you can use 1 x fun jump (if it is included in your package) towards a repeat jump and just pay the difference.


We know some of you are learning to skydive just to wingsuit. And it is great fun, but there are some prior requirements before you begin.

In Australia you need to have a ‘D’ Licence, which is equivalent to 200 skydives, before you can even start wingsuit training. However here in Moruya we have adopted a 350 jump minimum before you can begin your wingsuit training. It is not as easy as it looks. Talk with an instructor mid week to learn more about this if it is something you want for the future.

A form of personal accident insurance is a part of your student membership with the APF. However, some people choose to have their own accident insurance in place for peace of mind.

For your own safety, all students are required to be fluent in the English language or a very good understanding of the English language. We will arrange a call with you after we receive your application to discuss your situation.

All A Licence course bookings require an AU$1,100 deposit per person, paid at the time of booking, to secure the course date. The deposit is non-refundable.

We understand life happens – but business must also go on. So, if you would like to reschedule to another course date, a minimum of 21 days notice is required, otherwise your deposit will be forfeited.

You may reschedule your booking (as long as you give us at least 21 days notice) once to another course date, within 12 months of your initial booking.

More than one date transfer will incur a $50 processing fee, per change.

Cancellation Fee Clause (AFF)

  1. Introduction to Cancellation Fee: At Skydive Oz, we understand that circumstances may change, leading students to withdraw from their skydiving course. However, due to the limited availability of slots and the demand for our courses, a cancellation fee will apply under certain conditions as outlined below.
  2. Conditions for Cancellation Fee: A cancellation fee of $500.00 will be charged if a student decides to withdraw from the course after commencement, except in cases where the withdrawal is the result of a mutual decision between the student and the instructor based on the assessment that the student is not suited for skydiving.
  3. Rationale for Fee: This fee is instituted due to the limited nature of available slots in our courses. When a student enrolls, it potentially excludes another interested individual from participating. The fee is to compensate for the opportunity cost and resources allocated to the student who later decides to withdraw.
  4. Notification of Withdrawal: Students wishing to withdraw from the course after commencement must notify Skydive Oz in writing. The notification should include the reasons for withdrawal and any relevant documentation to support their case, especially if they believe the mutual decision clause applies.
  5. Review of Withdrawal Circumstances: Each withdrawal case will be reviewed on an individual basis. In circumstances where the withdrawal is due to extenuating or unforeseen situations, Skydive Oz reserves the right to waive the cancellation fee at its discretion.
  6. Processing of Cancellation Fee: If applicable, the cancellation fee will be processed using the payment method originally used for course enrollment. Students will receive a detailed invoice outlining the cancellation fee.
  7. Questions and Concerns: For any inquiries or further clarification regarding this cancellation policy, students are encouraged to contact Skydive Oz’s administrative office.

Sure, if you’re approved. We’ve partnered with zipMoney so you finance your course over 4 or 6 monthly payments. 

1) $1,100 deposit is still required for all courses and packages and cannot be paid with zipMoney.
2) The remaining value owing can be paid using zipMoney, in advance.

The only thing better than skydiving, is sharing the experience with your mates. 

Once you have completed your AFF stages you can begin your B-Rels if you wish. B-Rels teach you to fly safely and relative to other jumpers. There are 8 stages in total and these must be completed before you can jump with others. Have a chat to our friendly instructors if you wish to learn more about this while you are here.