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$298 Tandem Skydive

Tandem Skydive

Book your Tandem Skydive between June and the end of August and get your jump for a crazy price of $298. We have a sale on media packages too. Video and photos for $98. Make the most of the beautiful clear skies this season with these hot deals.


Try Before You Fly

Unlock your skydiving dreams with Skydive Oz’s ‘TRY BEFORE YOU FLY’ deal! Enjoy a tandem jump and, when you’re ready to become a certified skydiver, get your tandem jump cost refunded. Act within 6 months to take advantage of this thrilling offer and take to the skies with us!


Here's one for the Sports Jumpers

Bring along a Tandem and get a FREE JUMP. We know how much fun jumpers love a free jump. So bring along a friend, family member or that legend coworker and you will get your jump for free. *Gear hire not included.